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Metal Halide Lamps

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Metal Halide Lamps

Metal Halide Lamps is a highly efficient, compact source of white light, available in a variety of different color temperatures to accommodate users' needs. In contrast, high pressure sodium and mercury lamps are very limited in the color and quality of light they produce. The colors they generate are often unpleasing or inappropriate for many applications. This helps explain why the use of Metal Halide Lamps continues to increase dramatically each year around the world. We have different types of Metal Halide Lamps for you.

Metal Halide Lamps for General Lightings

Product NameWattBrandsCode No.
Metal Halide Lamps150 WattPhilips/OsramMHN-TD
Metal Halide Lamps150 WattPhilips/OsramMHW-TD
Metal Halide Lamps150 Watt/SEPhilips/Osram
Metal Halide Lamps70 WattPhilips/OsramMHN-TD
Metal Halide Lamps70 WattPhilips/OsramMHW-TD
Metal Halide Lamps70 Watt/SEPhilips/Osram
Metal Halide Lamps400 WattPhilips/OsramHPI-T
Metal Halide Lamps250 WattPhilips/OsramHPI-T
Metal Halide Lamps1000 Watt S/TPhilips/OsramE 40-CAP
Metal Halide Lamps2000 Watt S/TPhilips/OsramE 40-CAP

Single Ended Metal Halide Lamps

Model No.WattBrands
HMI2500 W/SEOsram
MSR1200 W/SEPhilips
HMI4000 W/SEOsram
HMI6000 W/SEOsram
MSD250 W/2Philips
MSD200 WPhilips
MHD200 WPhilips


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